RGS Communication Is made up of results-oriented former journalists, communications specialists, Marketers and sales experts.


We visualize a wealth of possibilities for each of our clients, with thoughts provoking strategies that propel businesses forward, powered by engaging storytelling, resulting in measurable ROI


We work with people who challenge us and those we can learn from, making our jobs a positive aspect of a balanced life. From upholding values of honesty and integrity to communicating openly and directly, we strive to be better people and build a better organisation every day.

What we believe

Instilling honesty in everything we do, we build trust with our clients through open, candid discussions that help us deliver what they need to succeed.

Ideas are stronger when everyone is part of the conversation. By creating a diverse, supportive work environment, we leverage our team’s varied experiences to develop more comprehensive communication.

In our ever-evolving world, complacency is not an option. Our inquisitive staff is always seizing upon opportunities to bring innovative approaches to delight our clients and generate impactful campaigns.

Supporting our clients and community is core to our identity. With a duty to deliver successes in our work and an obligation to support the places where we live, we strive to holistically serve those who rely on us in everything we do.

The customer is the reason the finest experts have come together to deliver their best.

Unlike an agency or a vendor, RGS COMMUNICATION forms an everlasting strategic partnership with our clients.